Patient Engagement Starts with Building a Relationship

Pay Plan in MyDoctorCare is rather unique and profitable, so that we expect to engage professional sellers across the whole US to take part in our business.

The Sales Representatives (SR) have the opportunity not only to take part yourselves, but also to invite experienced sellers.

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Customer Acquisition Bonus

Each time you invite a new doctor client who pays for our service for the first time, you get:

  • 50% commission if the payment is made within 1 month

  • 23% commission if the payment is made within 1 year

In case if the payment is made within current 2015 year, there will be a special price of $200 (not $250 as it is stated in the brochure). So you will get 50% from $200.

In case if you pay yearly, in fact, you pay for 10 months - $2000. In this case you will get $100 for the first month and for the rest 9 months you will get $40 for each month. Total: $460

If for the additional accounts the payment with additional discount will be offered, it will not affect on payout percentage. You will also get 50% from the first monthly payment or 23% from the first yearly payment.

Royalties Commissons

This is the coolest part of our plan. Managers get it lifelong, while doctor continues non-stop payments. It is 20% of the monthly doctor’s payment.

In the normal variant it will be 20% from $200 that is $40 monthly. But if the doctor bought the rights for the advertisement in two different offices, that means that he pays $200+$150=$350, and you get 20% of this sum, that is $70 monthly. If the doctor made 3 payments for 3 different offices, that means that he pays $200+$150+$150=$500 and you get $100 monthly.

The clients, who pay repeatedly for the year ahead, add to your income 20% also, but of the yearly payment. Usually of $2000. It is $400, which you get right after the yearly doctor’s payment is made.

Managers’ Qualification

It is a very important moment of your professional career, as only Managers have right to get lifetime Residual Income. That is why there is a sense to become manager as soon as possible. To manage this you need to create 30 active accounts, that is to attract not less than 30 doctors to our portal. As you may see, the qualification is rather simple.

The manager not only gets lifetime commissions for his work, but also for others’ work too.

In order to allow our SR to earn like Managers, we provide temporary Manager qualification for every newcomer for 100 days since he joins our business. That means, that the fourth type of income will be paid off from the very start.

And if during the first 100 days you invited more than 30 doctors, then your Manager status becomes permanent in case if the number of doctors who pay for our service doesn’t become less than 30

Managers Bonus

Every Manager has right to invite and train other Sales Reps and get 20% commission of their Residual Income. (don’t mix up with CAB – the first type of income).

From every repeated payment of the joined doctors, the agents of your team earn the Residual Income and 20% of the amount of those earnings go to you as a Manager’s Bonus. If during the month the agent of your team earned $4000 as a Residual Income, you get 20% of this sum (that is $800) as a Manager’s Bonus.

The number of invited agents is not limited. For the official registration as SR, your candidate must be interviewed by our Marketing manager in our office.

Managers Car Allowance

The doctors who subscribed to our service by the agents of your team, are accounted for getting a car bonus. Customers Team Volume (CTV) is a total number of active doctors invited by you and your team. You have a right to get Car Bonus, if your CTV is higher than 250:

CTV > 250    Car Bonus $500 a month

CTV > 500    Car Bonus $750 a month

CTV > 750    Car Bonus $1000 a month

Managers’ Vacation Benefits

After every 150 personal sale the Manager gets fully paid "all inclusive" weekly vacation for 2 persons in 4-5 starts hotel. Or vacation for 1 person for 10-14 days!

Monthly Promotion

The company also plans to allocate additional money for rewards for best sellers of the month and of the year.